What is STEAM?

For those of you who are not familiar with STEAM, it is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Science: The study of the natural world.

Technology: Any product made to meet a want, need or makes our lives easier. For example, a chair is technology; so is a paper plate. Any product kids create to solve a problem can be regarded as technology.

Engineering: The design process kids use to solve problems. This usually involves developing a plan, testing the idea, making changes and retesting.

Art: The expression/application of human creative skill and imagination

Math: The language of numbers, shapes, and quantities.

These lessons are designed to provide students with opportunities to collaborate with their peers in order to complete a task.  They focus on critical thinking skills and tap into students creativity.  


What is a MakerSpace?

A Makerspace is an area (space) where students can create (make) and design things based off of ideas that they generate.  The space is filled with a variety of resources.  The donations listed above will help to replenish our resources and keep our Makerspace full.  The Makerspace will be used during our STEAM classes. It is also open to the rest of the school for projects.  It is a great environment where students can work collaboratively with their peers, think critically about an idea and have the ability to create something.